Eyewitness Surveillance – Securing, Monitoring & Protecting Your Business

Stop Theft
Before It Happens

Your business's future hinges on the quality of your security system, a comprehensive security plan, and the caliber of security professionals watching over your property.

Eyewitness has all three.

"Good" Security Isn't Good Enough


Our Assets Watch Yours

Remote surveillance professionals—trained and managed by retired senior military officers—undergo a rigorous behavioral screening and extensive training process before allowed to monitor your business.


Smart Surveillance

Cutting-edge technology is only as "smart" as the people installing and monitoring the system. We constantly refine our custom analytics and security protocols through simulated events.


Peace Of Mind, All The Time

Access your business's security and records instantly via Eyewitness's video monitoring system (VMS) Insight and other mobile-friendly applications.

Security Tailored for
Your Business

See how we create a customized
security systems based on your
business's unique needs.

Secure Your Assets Today


Step 1: Custom Site Design

Every great security system starts with a solid plan of
action. We account for your neighborhood's current
crime trends and your business's unique features—inside
and out—when creating a custom site design.


The Eyewitness team has been instrumental in arming us with the tools needed to drive greater sales, internal accountability, and highly-secure environments at each or our locations that hold over $1 million in asset inventory each.

Not Sure What Type Of Security Your Business Needs?

Get The Research
And Decide For

Our free industry guide covers the six most popular security systems, including their histories, how they work, and the pros and cons of each service. Do the research and discover which system will give you the biggest bang for your buck.