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Eyewitness Blog: Employee Spotlight October 2017

Eyewitness Employee Spotlight for October 2017: Rebecca Wilmoth

If I may break the fourth wall for a moment, I’m certain that everyone will think I rigged the system so that we could appreciate everything that my awesome boss, Rebecca Wilmoth, does for Eyewitness Surveillance. However, our September Employee Spotlight, Dan Capri, picked Rebecca to follow his (hard) act with no prompting from me. To…

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Eyewitness Blog: Employee Spotlight September 2017

Eyewitness Employee Spotlight for September 2017: Dan Capri

We continue shining the spotlight on our hardworking Eyewitness Surveillance employees with September’s Employee Spotlight! Last month’s employee Sean Marshall nominated Dan Capri, our Tactical Operations Center [TOC] Supervisor to be featured for September. We caught Dan right before his night shift protecting clients began to ask him some questions about his time at Eyewitness—including…

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700 Miles to Hope: One General Manager's Ride to Remember His Sons

700 Miles to Hope: One General Manager’s Ride to Remember His Sons

Words cannot describe the agony of parents watching their child’s health decline day over day, month over month, year over year. It’s unspeakable, unable to compare to any other pain—unless it’s watching both of your children pass away from the same genetic disease. Justin Akin, general manager at All Star Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram (an…

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Eyewitness Blog: Employee Spotlight August 2017

Eyewitness Employee Spotlight for August 2017: Sean Marshall

As we grow as a company and add new members to the Eyewitness team, it’s important for us to honor those exceptional employees who serve as shining examples of service to our clients and their coworkers. Therefore, we’re proud to announce that Sean Marshall, a Quality Control Inspector, is our very first Employee of the…

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Eyewitness Surveillance Blog: When Vendors Become Neighbors: Eyewitness's Response to Hurricane Harvey

When Vendors Become Neighbors: Eyewitness’s Response to Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is already being called an “unprecedented” storm “beyond anything experienced” by our National Weather Service. It’s been twelve years since the United States weathered a major hurricane like Hurricane Rita—and that storm never hit Texas directly. We here at the Eyewitness Surveillance headquarters in Hanover, Maryland, could only watch as flood waters rose…

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Why Video Retrieval and Audit Is So Valuable

Why Video Retrieval and Audit Is So Valuable

On a rainy Saturday evening, an Eyewitness Surveillance Remote Security Professional (RSP) tracked an alarm on a customer property triggered by two individuals. The individuals walked directly to their target vehicle and started removing a lower body panel from a vehicle on the lot.  The RSP processed and reacted to the alarm and dispatched the…

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Eyewitness Team

Eyewitness Announces Exciting GIVE2 Program

Like many companies, we have diverse experience and backgrounds, we work hard at the office and for our customers. But, we want to make sure our employees have a healthy work-life balance. We recognized we have a powerful opportunity to take our passion and purpose to directly benefit our employees and things that are important…

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