FAQs – Eyewitness Surveillance


You Asked Us... We Answered

How much does it cost?

The cost of systems vary with the size of the property being monitored and the customer’s specific needs.  The cost of an Eyewitness Surveillance system is much less expensive than alternate sources of security such as an onsite guard.   Eyewitness offers a zero-down payment model that allows customers to maximize their security investment with no upfront expenditure.  If customers would like to purchase their equipment, Eyewitness offers that solution as well.

Do you own your own central station?

Eyewitness owns its proprietary, U.S. based, state-of-the-art central station.  Our central station is equipped with multiple redundant internet connections, an onsite reserve power generator and high availability servers to maintain system integrity.

Who is watching the cameras?

Eyewitness has highly-trained Remote Surveillance Professionals (RSP) managed and trained by retired senior military.  Eyewitness has a rigorous statistical behavioral screening process, training and testing process that all RSPs need to pass prior to securing properties.  Virtually all RSPs have higher-level education degrees.

What happens if a camera malfunctions or the system stops working?

A critical element of providing security is maximizing system uptime.  As part of our commitment to our customers, we offer an unlimited “fix or replace” service model at no additional charge.  If a camera malfunctions, if a server wears down, we will fix it or replace it, free of charge, for as long as you are with Eyewitness.  Eyewitness visually checks all its cameras system-wide on a daily basis and often spots and repairs problems before the customer is even aware of the issue.  Our 97% annual customer retention rate speaks to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Can I see the cameras on my smartphone?

Yes.  Customers can access and watch their cameras via our Eyewitness Insight software on both Apple and Google smartphone platforms.  Customers can download the free Eyewitness app from either platform and view their cameras remotely.

If there is video footage I want to find, will you help me find it?

Eyewitness understands that video monitoring is much more than watching cameras at night.  Eyewitness systems capture footage used to combat employee theft, disprove false liability claims, identify the cause of property damage or even highlight examples of great customer service.  However, searching for video footage can be time consuming for our customers so we have a trained video audit team standing by to help customers find what they seek and assist with authorities when necessary.    Rather than spending hours reviewing video, our customers simply give us a call, tell us what they need and we do the rest, at no additional charge.

Do your systems provide more than security?

Yes, Eyewitness Insight can offer operational analytics such as traffic flow analysis and sales alerts to notify when people are loitering in key areas.  In addition, Eyewitness has sales tools to capture live leads to help sell more after-hours.

Can you monitor my existing cameras?

Eyewitness can take-over and monitor existing cameras by linking them to an Eyewitness server with server-based analytics in Eyewitness Insight.  Eyewitness needs to determine the quality, condition and camera coverage prior to monitoring an existing camera system.  In areas where a customer requires more coverage, Eyewitness will add its own line of cameras.

Who installs the systems and what is the process?

Eyewitness manages all installations through its regional Installation and Service Managers.  Customers are kept abreast of the installation process and prior to going live, Eyewitness tests and refines the analytics with simulated events.  Once Eyewitness verifies system integrity, it starts monitoring.


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