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Introducing Security Systems 101: An Industry Guide to Commercial Security Systems

Eyewitness Blog: Introducing Security Systems 101: An Industry Guide to Commercial Security Systems

If you’re a regular reader of our National Crime Alerts, then you’ll know the huge problem millions of business owners combat every day: Theft and vandalism across their properties. Much of this can be avoided with the proper security systems in place, of course, which is one of the primary ways we at Eyewitness Surveillance help businesses succeed.

However, as the Eyewitness team spoke with business owners across the country, we realized that many people just don’t know about the security options available to them, or the pros and cons of each security system on the market. There’s a lot at stake, after all, when you’re trying to protect your property from vandals and thieves. Sometimes, having so many choices with no clear winner can lead to paralysis, leaving your business vulnerable while you try to decide.

That’s why we put together this 30+ page guide, Security Systems 101: An Industry Guide to Commercial Security Systems—completely free for anyone who wants to get serious about their security.

What’s in Security Systems 101? 

In our guide, we cover the basics of six different security services, including:

  • Security guards
  • Trained guard dogs
  • CCTV video cameras
  • Live remote surveillance
  • Keyless access control
  • Intrusion systems (aka burglar alarms)

We’ll dive into the history of each of these security services, and go over the nuts-and-bolts of how each system actually protects your property. We’ll also offer the pros and cons of each service, depending on the situation. Every business is different, and a great security solution for someone else might not work especially well for you.

Ultimately, this guide will arm you to make the very best choices when it comes to selecting a comprehensive security system that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Who Needs Security Systems 101? 

  • Business owners who lack a security system or plan altogether. As we say in the guide, even an angst-ridden parrot serving as your “burglar alarm” is betterSecurity System 101 History of Security Guard image than no security at all. If you have zero security implemented, then you’re gambling your business with the criminals in the world.
  • Managers who oversee a current commercial security system, but who are not sure how it works—or certain that it’s the best option for the business’s needs and environment.
  • Anyone curious about the history of the various security services used today for commercial anti-theft systems, or simply understanding better how their security systems actually work to protect them. (Did you know that the RFID technology used in many keyless access control systems was originally used in WWII to identify friendly aircraft?)

We at Eyewitness worked for months to compile everything we know about the commercial security industry and compile it into a comprehensive (and still readable) guide for anyone. At our core, we want to help every business succeed—even if they’re not partners with us. We hope this guide will leave you feeling empowered to take back control of your business’s security, better understanding the best options available for your protection.

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