Arrest at dealership – Eyewitness Surveillance

Arrest at dealership

An individual in a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up over his head was seen climbing over the wall in the back of the lot. Once on the property, the individual began maneuvering through vehicles and was seen opening up and entering multiple vehicles on the lot. RSP responded to the event, noticed the activity and addressed the site with audio, then the TOC Supervisor dispatched the police to the location. While police were en-route, the individual continued going inside of multiple other vehicles that were parked in the back of the lot. It seemed evident that he was looking for items to steal, but it was unclear if he took any items while in the vehicles. As police were riding by on the outside of the lot, the individual climbed back over the wall and exited the lot, but officers saw him as he climbed over the wall and stopped him and apprehended him.