Thief arrested at car dealership – Eyewitness Surveillance

Thief arrested at car dealership

Arrest at dealership

In the early hours of the morning, a vehicle entered the property and proceeded towards the back area. The driver left his vehicle and began to pull on car door handles, apparently searching for opportunity to steal from the car inventory. Our Remote Surveillance Professional dispatched police to the client site the instant malicious intent became clear, guiding the police to the criminal’s location on-site. Meanwhile, the trespasser approached a maroon SUV located near the building, forcing the driver’s side door open and removing a bag from the interior. The police managed to catch and arrest the individual. Dispatch later told our central monitoring station that the arrested individual had been previously guilty of stealing tires at a nearby business. Thanks to the quick action of the RSP, police caught our client’s thief and saved another business from loss!