Tire Theft Arrest at Dealership – Eyewitness Surveillance

Tire Theft Arrest at Dealership

Our Remote Surveillance Professional (RSP) observed an individual between two vehicles on the lot pulling on a black sedan car doors. The RSP immediately called police dispatch. While police drove to the client site, the central monitoring station stayed on the line with Dispatch to guide the police to the trespasser’s location on-site while continuing to observe his actions, which became more nefarious. He located tools from inside a black SUV on the lot and began to remove the wheels from vehicles on the lot, throwing tires and rims across a back lot fence. However, when he returned for the rest of the tires, the police—guided by our RSP to the thief’s exact location—were waiting for him. Guns drawn, they approached the stunned tire thief to handcuff and arrest the blatant criminal.