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Industries with extensive physical assets and safety regulations must protect themselves from theft and fraud.

Eyewitness’s Commercial Services

Remote Video Surveillance

Combine world-class surveillance cameras with custom analytics and the best people in the business, and your business will be protected from vandals and thieves.

Daytime Loss Prevention

Our sophisticated surveillance system earns its keep by driving operational efficiency and monitoring daytime incidents for workman’s compensation claims and inventory damage.

Keyless Access Control

Save money and stop unauthorized access with our fully customized keyless entry system that puts security back in your hands through mobile-capable management applications drilling down to employee-level permissions.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Deter theft with on-site burglar alarms and intrusion detection systems. Our security experts design a system completely customized for your business’s unique security needs.

Free Business Resources

Use our free guides, checklists, and articles to increase your business’s bottom line while protecting your assets from theft and fraud.

Downloadable Guides

Recent Dealership Articles

Security Systems 101: An Industry Guide to Commercial Security Systems

GUIDE: Security Systems 101: An Industry Guide to Commercial Security Systems

Discover the pros and cons of the six most popular security systems available for commercial use through this free industry guide, and learn which security system will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

The Suspicious Activity Dealership Checklist by Eyewitness Surveillance

CHECKLIST: Suspicious Activity Checklist

Does your staff know the key signs of thieves scoping out their next target? Download this free suspicious activity checklist to know the 10 ways to prevent crimes before they happen.

Video Surveillance Safety Checklist

CHECKLIST: Video Surveillance Safety

Whether you’re evaluating your current video surveillance security system or looking toward a future install, our free safety checklist will help you ask the right questions to ensure your facility is protected.

how to use video analytics to boost your operations free e-book by Eyewitness Surveillance

E-BOOK: How To Use Video Analytics To Boost Your Operations

CCTV and live surveillance footage protects your company against loss, but it can also inform your day-to-day operations and strategy through careful planning and an advanced understanding of camera analytics. This free e-book will show you how to increase your revenue by using your camera system for more than simple security.

Recent Dealership Articles

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